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Once upon a time, a healer sought to correct a terrible injustice. Millions of children were being labeled with AD/HD and other CSDs (childhood spectrum disorders, such as autism), and instead of finding the root causes of these problems and treating them properly, the brains of innocent children were instead being damaged by some of the most dangerous and addictive drugs ever invented. The healer by that time had already found a natural solution to addictions, although a drug-obsessed world didn’t care much about his proven discoveries, but neurotransmitters being what they are, it was a simple task to segue those same technologies to treating AD/HD and CSDs (childhood spectrum disorders, such as autism).

The healer found that his natural treatments worked great, especially for AD/HD, so he published studies, applied for grants to do larger studies, wrote books on it, went on TV and the radio and generally told the whole world that no one, especially children, should ever be prescribed amphetamine-like drugs ever again, regardless of how effective they seemed to be for AD/HD symptoms, because he had found a safer, less expensive, and more effective way to balance brain chemistry naturally. The healer was especially vociferous about the vulnerable chemistry of children’s brains, and his message about getting great results for children using natural treatments was heard far and wide.

Many parents of AD/HD children were overjoyed to find a safer, drug-free and more effective way to get their kids well and functioning their best, and they also spread the word.  But not everyone was happy. Doctor’s groups who specialized in treating kids with dangerous, addictive drugs, and the drug companies who manufactured amphetamine-like drugs, got worried. If the healer’s natural solutions to AD/HD were embraced by the world, they would stand to lose a lot of money and status, so they appealed to the government to do something about this threat to their pocketbook.

The healer had a license to practice medicine, so the government said, “Sure, we can cook up a lot of false charges and prosecute this dangerous-to-your-pocketbook healer, so that his name will be disgraced, and we can trick the whole world, especially parents of AD/HD kids, into thinking he has done something wrong.” But the government said, “But this will cost millions to lie and cheat, so when the time comes, you physician’s groups and drug companies have to do favors for us.” Everyone shook hands, and the government got some of its top prosecutors to dream up ridiculous charges. The physician’s groups and drug manufacturers celebrated, because now they could go on keeping AD/HD children sick, never address the root allergic, nutritional, toxicological, metabolic, immune or genetic causes of their symptoms, and continue to make lots of money by tricking the world into believing that dangerous and addictive chemicals are good for children with AD/HD and CSD symptoms.

Despite breaking the law, making up silly charges and lying repeatedly during a mocked-up trial, the government finally succeeded in getting some of the charges to stick. Hurtfully, even the healer’s family believed that he must have done something wrong, because they all believed that the government is always right and that people’s lives should be controlled by a benevolent Big Brother. His family concluded that the healer was a criminal and never believed that his life’s work mattered.

The case went on to be publicized on the internet by a well-financed, evil group called the Quackpots, so that healthcare consumers will always be suspicious about the healer’s safer, better ways of treating AD/HD, and they will consequently be more likely to put or keep their kids on brain-injurious, addictive, profitable medication. That way the Quackpots can indirectly enjoy in the profits of keeping kids sick, and everyone stands to benefit.

Many people, believe it or not, think that their loving and flawless government would never accept bribes and exchange favors with profiteering drug companies and powerful physician’s organizations, and that their benevolent government would never prosecute a perfectly innocent healer in this way.

The healer discovered that, despite all the lies and deception about him, and all the evil swirling around his good work, there were still plenty of smart parents with AD/HD kids, and other insightful consumers to heal, who can see through all the evil government trickery. So the healer just ignored the stupidity and went on to be more successful than ever. He believed that people should be free to believe anything they want, even delusions about governmental benevolence and Quackpot fairy tales, so the healer never bothered to share his story except with astonished friends and colleagues.

But over the years, despite his success, the healer, his friends, patients and colleagues , worried about the kids. With autism rates doubling every 4 or 5 years, suggesting that by 2040 every child in the United states will be seriously impaired with a CSD (childhood spectrum disorder) like AD/HD or autism, they worried that many naïve parents will never see the truth and try safer, better and less expensive treatments for AD/HD and other spectrum disorders, and millions of innocent children will suffer drug-induced brain injury and addiction.

So, many years later, the healer’s friends, happy patients and colleagues finally came together and said, “Enough is enough. We have to tell the world what really happened to you, because too many people have been tricked by deception and lies, and kids who might experience life-changing, authentic healing may never get their chance. All children deserve the right to grow up healthy without AD/HD, autism and CSD, and to be free of addiction from brain damaging amphetamine-like chemicals and other drugs.”

The  healer said, “OK, go for it.  Who knows, if the truth catches on, then a lot more precious children could live happily, and healthfully, ever after.”