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1) Report of the Special Committee on Questionable and Deceptive Health Care Practices

The Federation of State Medical Boards (, in the first few paragraphs of one of their position papers entitled Report of the Special Committee on Questionable and Deceptive Health Care Practices, uses some choice descriptive terminology to describe CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine), Integrative, Precision, Functional, Naturopathic or Holistic Medicine. Supposedly, any medical practice which does not involve surgery, radiotherapy or pharmacology is considered to be “unproven, unsafe, worthless, incompetent, unprofessional, improper, unlawful, fraudulent and felonious.” In other words, any authentic healing practice from acupuncture to functional medicine, is considered by the organization which sets policy for all the state medical boards, to be “worthless” etc. Is it any wonder that the United States ranks last in quality of healthcare in industrialized nations in spite of spending more per capita than any industrialized nation on healthcare.

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2) Battling Quackery

In this American Medical Association article, the authors Michael Tangum and James Goodwin compare the plight of CAM and non-conventional, innovative physicians, to that of Galileo. They make the case that the only way to judge an alternative treatment is via 3 factors; efficacy (does it work), safety and expense. Alternative treatments should not be judged by ideologically-obsessed Quackbusters, mindless prosecutorial state health boards or physician groups who fear that their cut, burn and poison paradigms may become obsolete.

Interestingly, this article suggests that Galileo’s crime against the church was not that he challenged the model that the earth was the center of the universe, citing the scientific evidence which proves that the heliocentric model is true. Copernicus had already done that decades before Galileo. Copernicus wrote his thesis in Latin and circulated it through the church where it was hushed up. Many scientific papers proving that certain alternative medicine therapies are effective are also hidden from the public in this way. Galileo wrote his paper in Italian, thus bypassing the church censorship, and “took it to the streets”.

Dr. Gant later discovered that his “crime” was authoring a peer-reviewed paper suggesting that nutrients work as well as Ritalin for AD/HD, which is listed on PubMed and on this website. He wrote a book on this topic and authored other studies. Dr Gant announced his results to the media, was on TV and the radio and gave talks at physician trade shows. Like Galileo, he “took it to the streets,” believing that parents of AD/HD children need to know the truth about alternatives to brain-injurious, addictive, stimulant medication. Dr. Gant’s office was raided by the NY State Health Department for “evidence” to use in a prosecution against him.  He also learned the meaning of the saying, “no good deed will go unpunished.”

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3) The Alternative Medical Practice Act:
Does It Adequately Protect the Right of Physicians to Use Complementary and
Alternative Medicine?*

The crime against humanity perpetrated by the NY State Health Department against CAM physicians, which spills over into causing death and disability for thousands of NY State citizens who are denied life-saving care, has not escaped the notice of the legal community. Below is the entire article if you are inclined to mine into the legal technicalities. For purposes of brevity, a summary excerpt is copied here extracted from the lengthy and thoughtful article by Joseph Barrette, a professor at the Syracuse Law School (Barrette J, St. John’s Law Review, The Alternative Medical Practice Act: Does It Adequately Protect the Right of Physicians to Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine? p.121).

“The New York State Legislature enacted the AMPA (Alternative Medical Practices Act) of 1994 with the intent to protect “the rights of nonconventional physicians throughout the misconduct process” and to secure “the rights and freedom of patients to choose their own medical treatments.” However, the policy and practices of the BPMC, particularly through the OPMC (Office of Professional Medical Conduct), and judicial construction have severely restricted the intended impact of the legislation. These practices and court decisions have indeed had a chilling effect on physicians who might consider integrating innovative medical care into their practices. Physicians who currently use any innovative medical care in their practices have been particularly vulnerable to charges of professional misconduct. Physicians who have been investigated and charged with misconduct by the OPMC have faced financial devastation, loss of reputation, and the eventual revocation of their medical licenses. Tens of thousands of patients have simultaneously lost their choice of medical treatment and physician. In addition, because of the limited availability of physicians who practice innovative medicine and the chilling effect of the risks associated with the practice of nonconventional medicine by others who may consider it, these patients will be severely limited in their future choice of medical treatment.”

*Barrette, J A, (2003) St. John’s Law Review, volume 77, Winter 2003, number 1, pp. 75-122

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4) Petition to the NY State Supreme Court

The link below is the petition to the NY State Supreme Court.  As you can see if you attempt to digest these 82 pages, and has been clearly summarized in other sections of this website, the Supreme Court simply lied and disregarded the laws clearly set forth by the legislature.  What can be said?  It is hard to believe any decision they make, as it could simply be based on who they like or dislike, or who they are doing favors for.  Flagrant dishonesty perpetrated in our most hallowed institutions pulls the foundations out from under that which all our institutions are based on.

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5)  Dr. Gant’s Battles Over Lead and Heavy Metal Testing with NY State
and His Videos “You CAN Heal from Lead Poisoning”

Dr. Charles Gant was prosecuted by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, a division of the NY State Health Department for ordering “excessive testing,” in part because he ordered hair testing for toxic metals in most patients.  Because he found a way to skirt the absurd and harmful NY State prohibitions against hair testing he was also charged with “moral unfitness.”  Dr. Gant also ordered RBC (red blood cell) and whole blood testing of toxic metals in all patients, because as he briefly touches on in the video on lead (see link below), toxic metals can be quarantined in various places in the body, and testing of various body compartments gives the clinician a better idea as to where the metals are concentrated and what form they are in (e.g., water or fat soluble compounds).  In his prosecution, Dr. Gant and his attorney attempted to bring into evidence over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, proving that hair testing was a valid diagnostic test, but that evidence was not permitted to be entered “into the record” because it would have completely overturned the state’s position that hair testing was indeed an invalid test and therefore ridiculous charges such as “excessive testing” and “moral unfitness” would have to be thrown out.

The latest peer-reviewed papers cited at NIH is referenced below[1].  As noted in the Archives of Internal Medicine article discussed on this website[2], a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the American Medical Association, the plight of innovative doctors like Dr. Gant is compared to Galileo’s struggles with the Catholic Church.  Everyone knows that the battles of science and truth will eventually prevail over stupidity and ignorance, but until the day of that victory of light over darkness, the purveyors of truth will be attacked, humiliated, driven into economic ruin and perhaps even murdered[3].

If you would like to get hair testing done, contact Doctors Data, a CLIA certified functional lab, at the link below.[4]  And incidentally, Doctors Data is close to winning a landmark legal suit against the quackbusters as noted in the link below.[5]

If you or a loved one has lead poisoning or lead poisoning symptoms, you may be told that it is irreversible. The symptoms caused by lead poisoning are reversible, so click on the link below to understand why and how.


This is the link below to Dr. Gant’s video presentation entitled “You CAN Heal from Lead Poisoning,” aired around the time of the Flint, Michigan tragedy.

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[1] BLAUROCK-BUSCH E (2012) Toxic Metals and Essential Elements in Hair and Severity of Symptoms among Children with Autism, Maedica (Buchar). 2012 Jan; 7(1): 38–48. ( )

[2] In the “Articles” above, #2, Battling Quackery

[3] See the page on this website “Doctors Deaths