Who Are The Quackbusters

Who are the Quackbusters, AKA Quackpots

Quackwatch.com is a website devoted to undermining any medical doctor who has the courage to apply proven new diagnosis and treatment methods that go against what the medical establishment regards as established science. In other words, if you successfully use new diagnosis and treatment methods that go against what the establishment insists is the “right way” to practice medicine, then Quackwatch will make sure you don’t go unattacked.

Quackwatch.com was established by Stephen Barrett, a de-licensed medical doctor who went to medical school but was unable to pass his medical board exam. Even though he is not permitted to practice medicine, Barrett still fraudulently adds the initials M.D. after his name. In one of the lawsuits against him, Barrett admitted in court that the only purpose of his company, Barrett & Baratz, is “to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners, businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of [unconventional] therapies and health freedom.” Barrett’s work was found “biased and unworthy of credibility” in a 2007 court hearing. Although he has filed defamation lawsuits against some 40 people, he has not won a single case that has come to trial.

In addition to publishing libelous material, Barrett has come out against genetic testing as unnecessary and ineffective, despite the fact that Dr. Gant and other forward-looking physicians have demonstrated that this new approach to medicine greatly improves the accuracy and effectiveness of physicians’ ability to diagnose illnesses and predict the likelihood of future illnesses in their patients. Being attacked by Quackwatch.com is nothing less than a badge of honor for physicians who are opening the way for improving the quality and effectiveness of medical care for Americans.

The link below from Tim Bolen’s website could not be improved upon in narrative here, so we will simply refer you to the master. From the Doctor’s Data suit and others, now that we are all getting to know about the money stream that underwrites the Quackbusters, and how to frame a lawsuit, Tim Bolen’s invitation to any professional or group who has been damaged by these libelous outlaws, to launch an action, is both heartening and alluring.

We encourage readers to mine into Tim Bolen’s website and then consider how their philosophical ideology (and perhaps more direct ties) are well-aligned with the Federation of State Medical Boards (www.fsmb.org), physician’s organizations, the FTC and FDA, and certain state medical boards like the OPMC (Office of Professional Medical Conduct) in New York State.

Americans rank #1 in per capita healthcare expenses, #1 in consumption of prescription drugs (some data suggests 5% of the world’s population, the USA, consumes 75% of the world’s pharmaceuticals) and 37th in health by World Health Organization criteria (http://thepatientfactor.com/canadian-health-care-information/world-health-organizations-ranking-of-the-worlds-health-systems) and the US ranking appears to be dropping fast. How do 3rd world countries like Costa Rico, Morrocco and Chile have a higher rated healthcare system than the USA? Why do we spend so much money and wind up a very sick nation? Read about the Quackbusters below, consider their co-conspirators profiteering off of keeping Americans sick, and the answer is obvious.

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